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Order Number/Date Railroad Road Number Weight Length Seat Notes
010- 7/1907 UPRR #10 34T 55’2″ 54 Original Cost  $17115.44,  Scrapped 4/1934


McKeen Motor Car #10 shunting 10 empty freight cars.McKeen Car #10 shunting 10 empty rail cars to demonstrate the power of the gasoline engine. Courtesy of Union Pacific Historical Collection

McKeen Car U.P. #10 pushes a 40 ton gondola up a 7.6% grade. Here is the original article… Google Books.

McKeen Motor Car M-4 in the right center of the image.

U.P.#10 at unknown station.

U.P.#10 at the station in Greeley, Colorado.  This station was torn down in the 30’s and rebuilt to accommodate more traffic.

Current day station, built in the 1930’s, over the same site as the previous station.

Photo Courtesy of the Denver Public Library

An Employee only run between Council Bluffs, Iowa, and Omaha, Nebraska, on February, 22nd, 1932.