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Oregon Short Line Railroad

Oregon Short Line #480

McKeen Motor Car #490 of the Oregon Short Line Railroad
Oregon Short Line McKeen Car #480 from October 1910, Railway Master Mechanic Volume 34.

Oregon Short Line #493

Photo Courtesy of Idaho State Archive

Here’s a photo of the #493 at the station in Montour, Idaho

Photo Courtesy of Charles Pitcher

Here’s an interesting photo of #493, no information is known about the location, but is a neat early photo showing the large headlight, UP air horn on the roof and parabolic nose.


McKeen Car Advertisment
McKeen Car Advertisement from 1910.

McKeen Blue Prints for the Oregon Short Line Motor Car. The only difference between this car and the V&T #22 is that there are two more windows on the right side and the baggage doors on the V&T #22 are an extra six inches for the local bands that traveled on that motor car.


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