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Ferrocarril del Norte de Cuba


Ferrocarril Norte De Cuba McKeen Motor Car #800
Ferrocarril Norte De Cuba McKeen Motor Car #800, this is the builders photo taken in Omaha, Neb. 1916.

The following Article is from Railway Review

McKeen Motor Car for the Ferrocarriles del Norte de Cuba.

The Ferrocarriles del Norte de Cuba recently purchased a type “C” engine, 200 horsepower motor car from the McKeen Motor Car Co., Omaha, Nebraska, the 148th motor to be turned out by this company. The car is now en route under its own power and upon arrival at destination it will go into service in place of the present steam passenger train between Jucaro and Moron. This is the car referred to on page 823 of our issue for June 10, 1916.

The steel car body is of the builder’s original standard round window type, similar in interior arrangement to their “Jim Crow” service motor car, which provides separate compartments and two side doors for the accommodation of two classes of passenger traffic. While the “Jim Crow” motor cars have mahogany interior finish and rattan seats throughout, the second class compartment of the Cuban car has poplar finish and slat seats. The car is electrically lighted by the Stone axle system. The power unit main. trains the “McKeen” original standard principle of mounting the engine upon the front truck and the mechanical transmission upon the main or driving axle, which produces, according to the claims of the builders, a power transmission efficiency of 95 to 96 per cent.

The 100 horsepower “front” truck brought out in 1905 by Mr. McKeen, as superintendent of motive power and machinery of the Union Pacific R. R., has evolved and developed into the present 1916 model, type “C” engine motor truck, the product of eleven years’ engagement in the creation and development of this particular class of equipment. This growth has been influenced by the combined experience of 68 different railroads operating “McKeen” motor cars for periods varying from one to eleven years in each case.

The principal characteristics of the car under discussion are as follows:
Gauge 4 ft. 8½ in.
Length over sills 70 ft.
Length over all 72 ft. 9¾ in.
Width over side sills 9 ft. 8 in.
Width over all 10 ft. 2¾ in.
Height, inside floor to ceiling 7 ft. 5⅝ in.
Height, rail to roof lift. 9ft 3/16 in.
Length, first class passenger compartment 14 ft. 4⅜ in.
Seating capacity, 20.
Length, third class passenger compartment 32 ft. 5⅝ in.
Seating capacity, 60.


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