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Bellingham Bay & British Columbia Railroad


The McKeen Motor Car “Kulshan” of the Bellingham Bay & British Columbia Railroad, in Washington State.  This car was the 70′ model with a baggage room.  It could haul 64 passengers, weighed 40 tons, and was later sold to the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad and was then renumbered 5908.

mckeen post card bbbc-1

Motor Car “Kulshan,” crossing Holly St, Bellingham, Wash.

McKeen Motor Car #2 “Kulshan” of the B.B.&B.C. Railroad.

McKeen Motor Car #2"Kulshan" of the B.B.&B.C.
Factory Photo of the McKeen Motor Car #2″Kulshan” of the B.B.&B.C.R.R.

McKeen Car

The “Kulshan” Motor car at the Sumas, Washington Station.

Photo Courtesy of Washington State University

Details unknown, McKeen Motor Car “Kulshan” on the B.B.&B.C.R.R.


Photo Courtesy of Madison Kirkman

Photo of B.B.&B.C. “Kulshan” in Sumas, Washington.  The back of the photo postcard states “was the motor car from this place.”


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