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U.P.#18 (2nd)


Order Number/Date Railroad Road Number Weight Length Seat Notes
118- 9/1911 Oregon SL #493  (M-65)  (M-18) 40T 70′ 38 Original Cost $21547.32, to UPRR M-18 10/1917, Scrapped 7/1942.

Union Pacific Motor Car 18 at unknown location, photo taken after late 1910’s.

Photo Courtesy of the Denver Public Library

Brighton, Colorado, 1921.

Courtesy of the Denver Public Library

Photographed in Adams, Colorado, on May 18th, 1931.

Courtesy of the Denver Public Library

Photo of the M-18 was taken on the South Platte River Bridge near Denver, Colorado on May 23th, 1931.

Photo Courtesy of Madison Kirkman, M.M.C.C.H.S.

M-18 near Sand Creek Jun. Colorado, train #516, taken 6-29-1940.