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Union Pacific #1

Order Number/Date Railroad Road Number Weight Length Seat Notes
001- 3/1905 UPRR #1 20T 31′ 25 100H.P., Scrapped 6/1913

The First McKeen Motor Car #1 or U.P. #1, was the only McKeen Car to have a single two axle truck, the only one to have a wood body, and was the shortest McKeen Motor Car with a length of only 31′.



McKeen Car #1 in the factory before being completed, photo taken before May of 1905.



Finished McKeen Car #1 ready for testing, possibly with the 50H.P. engine.



Blueprint of the McKeen Car #1, which shows the cab, and passenger section.


Photograph of the interior of the car, showing acetylene lights, possibly green imitation leather bench seats, and the rear bench, the car was finished in Ash, and finished natural.


#1 Stopped at Schuyler, Nebraska en-route back to Omaha, Nebraska.


Motor Car #4, followed by T-1, then Motor #1


Motor Car #1 in Callaway, Nebr. around August 1905.


Photo Courtesy of James Ehernberger.

Scan of the engine plate off of the Gasoline Engine in the U.P.#1.




The two images above are from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, May 21, 1905.

Other Sources of Information for the U.P #1

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