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Southern Pacific McKeen Trailer Cars


McKeen Trailer Cars on the Southern Pacific Co. Railroads

Date Received Railroad Original Road Number New Road Number as of 1/13/’09 (S.P. only) Weight Length/ design plan (S.P.) Seat Disposition
10/3/1908 SPCo. T-2 T-10 9.5T 31′ 4 wheel Arrangement, Off Roster 1/20
10/3/1908 SPCo. T-4 T-11 9.5T 31′ 4 wheel Arrangement, Used as Oil House in Sacramento Shops
10/3/1908 SPCo. T-6  T-12 9.5T 31′ 4 wheel Arrangement, Used as Tool House in Sacramento Shops
12/23/1908 SPCo. T-8  T-13 12.4T 31′ 4 wheel Arrangement, Retired 11/4/25
12/23/1908 SPCo. T-10 T-14 12.4T 31′ 4 wheel Arrangement, To M.&.P.R.R. as #2, Then sold to A.E.R.R. as #10
12/31/1908  SPCo. T-12  T-15 12.55T 31′ Sold to O.S.L. T-51 (6/18/11) Cost $3377.42, Scrapped 5/1951
2/15/1909 SPCo. T-14 T-142 12.35T 31′ Scrapped Sacramento 1/20/1939
2/13/1909 SPCo. T-16 T-16 12.35T 31′ Sold to SF 2/28/27, then to the Napa & Calistoga #55
2/13/1909 SPCo. T-18 T-18 12.4T 31′ Sold 8/27/09 to FCdeS
2/13/1909 SPCo. T-20 T-20 12.4T 31′ Off Roster 3/20

Photo Courtesy of the Guy L. Dunscomb Collection.

Southern Pacific Trailer Car #8, which later became T-13, is seen here in Sacramento, in February 3rd., 1909. this car was sold that year to the Maricopa and Phoenix Railroad, and later to the Arizona Eastern.

Photo Courtesy of the Guy L. Dunscomb Collection.

This car was the first trailer car built for the Southern Pacific in 1908 as a Baggage/Mail Trailer car.  It was original built as Car #3, but was probably mistaken as another train car, and was renumbered with a “T” to indicate it was a trailer, meant for use behind a gasoline, or diesel motor car.  This car was numbered #10 in 1909, and served on the Southern Pacific until January 1920.

Photo Courtesy of the Guy L. Dunscomb Collection.

Photo Courtesy of the Guy L. Dunscomb Collection.

T-14, originally car number only “14”.  This car was like every other trailer car with a Baggage/Mail section, with the barely noticeable cast iron mail slot to the immediate right of the the door on the right.

Here is a photo of the T-16 Trailer car in Napa Valley, California.  This car was used on the Napa Valley Railroad after being used on the Southern Pacific from February of 1909, to February 1927.

 Baggage Car Design Plans

McKeen Car Baggage trailer car design #175, used on Trailer cars T-14 and T-16.

Design Plan for S.P. Mail/Baggage Trailer Cars T-2 and T-4, and C.P. T-6.


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