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Order Number/Date Railroad Road Number Weight Length Seat Notes
008- 7/1906 UPRR #8 30T 55’2″ 49 200H.P., Original Cost $23075.51, rebuilt into T-19

Postcard of McKeen Motor Car Union Pacific 8.

McKeen Car #8, if you look closely then you will see the square windows at the back of the motor car.

Photo from an old article about the advancements of the McKeen Motor Cars.

Union Pacific Motor Car #8 at Beatrice, Nebraska.  Photo taken after all photos above, clear changes have been been such as an extender for the intake vent above the cab, as well as a newly painted “Motor Car 8” on the front of the motor car, not seen in the previous photos.

Union Pacific Motor Car #8 at Blue Rapids, Kansas “Blue Valley Motor Car.”

Photo Courtesy of the Denver Public Library

M-8 with T-12, photographer in Sterling, Colorado, Just 27th, 1927

Photo Courtesy of the Union Pacific Museum

Motor Car #8 near the end of it’s life, rebuilt into Trailer Car T-19.