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U.P. M-29

Order Number/Date Railroad Road Number Weight Length Seat Notes
7/1927 M-29 62′ 62′ 70′ E.M.C. 300HP Gas Elec. drive, Scrapped 1956

Courtesy of Union Pacific Historical Collection McKeen U.P. #29


Unknown History.


Union Pacific M-29 at an unknown station hauling milk, after 1934 when streamlined, but before it was reduced back to a simple paint scheme seen in the photo from 1950 below.


Union Pacific M-29 Leaving Callaway, Nebraska, January 21, 1950, Train 518.

Photo Courtesy of Francis Gschwind

“Train 96, Engine 414 meets M-29, train 519, Callaway, Nebraska, March 30, 1955.”

Photo Courtesy of Francis Gschwind

“Union Pacific Train 519, Motor M-29, Stock Car, and tank car of Propane Gas, Callaway, Nebraska, August 3, 1955”


Here’s a Photo of M-29 taken in Grand Island, Nebraska, in December of 1955.

 This is the last confirmed photo of M-29, being scrapped only months later.