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S.P.Co. #25

Order Number/Date Railroad Road Number Weight Length Seat Notes
036-  2/1909 SPCo. #25 30T 55’2″ 69 Scrapped 6/28/1926


Photo courtesy of Michael J. Semas Collection

Postcard of Southern Pacific #25, taken before the image below, as this shows the unmodified cab and roof.  This photo was probably taken before mid 1910’s as that’s when the S.P. started modifying their motor cars.  This photo was taken in Oakdale, California.

Southern Pacific Motor Car #25, with the parabolic design, shown in the blueprint at the bottom of this page.  This car was built in 1908-’09, and was received by the railroad on February 25th, 1909.  What ever happened to this car is unknown, but it is believed it was scraped in or before 1936.