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The Following is an article from “The Electric Railway Journal” July 3rd, 1915, Page 29



The McKeen Highway Coach is the joint production of the United Motor Truck Co., of Grand Rapids, Mich., which is responsible for the chassis, and the McKeen Motor Car Co., of Omaha Neb., for a number of years builders of the railroad motor cars, which has designed and is building the bodies. The coach, which is intended for public service, possesses and combines the characteristics of the pleasure automobile, the motor truck, the Pullman coach, and the street car, and is designed to introduce a new mode of urban and interurban passenger transportation.
The coach is equipped with individual chairs which are fitted with novel steel spirals brings a pneumatic shock absorbing cushioned seats. Each chair embodies the cushioning effects of a two foot spiral spring and is provided with four air cushions operating in conjunction and differentiated on each other, acting both as cushions and shock absorbers. A especial attention has been given to all the hygienic and attractive details of the super structure, as well as to the ventilating, heating and, sanitary facilities.
Round plate glass windows afford an almost uninterrupted panoramic word view in all directions. Each window, when opening, is hinged to the ceiling and gives a full circle of a 24 1/2 inches. Exhaust section ventilators on the roof maintain constant circulation and the continuous removal of air, thereby keeping the coach free from the foul atmosphere.
The car is electrically lighted, and between each two and windows is an electric push button for convenience of passengers in signaling the driver.
Entrance to the car is gained through a two-leaf outward folding door beside the drivers position, the payment fare collection being under the supervision of the operator. Exit is through a double leaf outward folding door in the side near the rear, the door operating mechanisms being controlled by the driver. Instead of a high step from the mud, the passengers take the car at the curb (the coach entrance being only 15 inches from the ground and the initial step about seven inches) thereby avoiding congestion in the streets traffic, as stepping into the coach does not in any way interfere with the passing of horses, wagons, motorcycles, automobiles, electric cars and other traffic on the highway.
The passengers are taken on at one side only adequate heating facilities for the car are obtained from the waste products of the gasoline engine, there being proximately twice the necessary heat units available for maintaining the proper temperature of the interior on the coldest of winter days. With this larger supply of available heat there is of youth obviously no additional expense in providing the passengers with plenty of moderately heated fresh air, thus the best of atmospheric conditions can be maintained in this car.This vehicle is luxuriously finished inside, the ceiling roof is enameled white and the trim is of mahogany veneer throughout.
This vehicle is not at all unlike a standard passenger coach.

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