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Hocking-Sunday Creek Traction Company


The Details

200 H.P., 55′, 6 Cylinder, gasoline motor car #1.

●Left Omaha, Neb. on January 31, 1910, to Nelsonville, Oh. “The car made the trip under its own power and moved via the Chicago Great Western from Omaha to Chicago, the Eria from Chicago to Marion, Oh., and the Hocking Valley from Marion to destination.”

●First commercial run, February 12, 1910, the motor car ran in 13 inches of snow, 10 days after the initial first run, there was still 8″ of snow.

●First train to run on the three miles of track between Nelsonville and Doanville.
operations in the first year claimed “successful.”

Miscellaneous photos & links

Hocking-Sunday Creek Traction Company McKeen Motor Car #1 from “Little Cities of Black Diamonds (Oh)”s


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