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Order Number/Date Railroad Road Number Weight Length Seat Notes
007- 3/1906 Union Pacific (borrowed by Erie) #4000 (#7) 27T 55’2″ 75 100H.P., Original Cost $19668.82, Sold to UPRR, 12/1907,┬áRebuilt into T-18

This is a lithograph of McKeen Motor Car #7 from a McKeen Letterhead dated Sept. 18, 1913.

McKeen Car U.P. #7McKeen Car U.P. #7, notice the motorman’s door on the right side of the motor car.

Photo Courtesy of James Ehernberger.

U.P. #7 seen here with one of the U.P. Trailer cars also built by the McKeen Motor Car Company.  Seen here in this 1907 scene, this car was the first McKeen Car with a center entrance and round passenger windows.

Photo of McKeen Motor Car #7

Union Pacific McKeen Car #7 in a heavily photoshopped postcard. The original photograph was likely taken near Omaha, you can tell the background has been removed as there is likely a building seen in the rear windows.

McKeen Car #7 of the Union Pacific Railroad. Courtesy of Union Pacific Historical Collection McKeen Car #7.

Photo Courtesy of the Union Pacific Museum

Motor Car #7 rebuilt as Trailer Car T-18, painted in streamline colors with M-23, M-24, and it’s sister Trailer Car T-19.