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S.P.Co. #41


Order Number/Date Railroad Road Number Weight Length Seat Notes
062- 11/1909 Ore.&Cal. #41 30T 55’2″ 62 To SPCo.#41, Laid Aside 8/10/36. Scrapped 12/16/1936.

A photo of S.P. #41 before ownership was transferred from the Oregon & California Railway on 4/17/1929.

Don Munger Collection

#41 arrives in Wheeler, Oregon in the early 1920’s.

Photo Courtesy of the Guy L. Dunscomb Collection

Photo of S.P. 41 at the end of it’s life, sitting with most of it’s windows busted out and the Builders plate missing, possibly scrapped for the 1 1/2  pounds of brass that it was made of.  This photo was probably taken in 1936 to ’38.