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Southern Railway


Photo Courtesy of the Marvin Black Collection

This is the only known photograph of the Southern Railway #3.  Much Like the Norte De Cuba McKeen Car #800, this McKeen Car has two entrances, but instead of round windows, this car had arched square windows.  This car was also segregated, the only other segregated McKeen Car was the Norfolk Southern #90.  In this car, the blacks were in the front, and the whites were given the more scenic rear of the car.

Courtesy of the Marvin Black Collection

Here is a blueprint, drawn up by the railroad most likely, showing the McKeen Car in it’s factory layout and design.

Here is a clipping from The Western Sentinel, September 2, 1910.

Note: I personally do not support segregation or racism in anyway, towards anyone.  What is stated above is the history of a rail car, and is not represented today.  It is History, and it’s best it be taught as a lesson to not be repeated.


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