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S.P.Co. #61

Order Number/Date Railroad Road Number Weight Length Seat Notes
101- 3/1911 SPCo. #61 30T 70′ 62 Laid Aside 1/1939, Scrapped 7-16-1939

Photo Courtesy of the Guy L. Dunscomb

Collection.C.P. #61, a 70′, 62 passenger, Mail/Baggage/Smoker/Passenger Motor car completed on April 7th, 1911, and scrapped in July of 1939.


Southern Pacific #61 sits in front of the Motor Car shops in Sacramento, located just south of the main shops which still exist today.  I believe this building was also just north of the current Amtrak Station in Sacramento.  Also seen on the left is #45. Photo taken August 3rd, 1935.