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Cuyamaca Side Sill and Restoration


July 11, 2017 by Madison Kirkman

The McKeen Side Sill is another step closer to being rebuilt but I need your help. The side sill is going to cost $7670 plus tax, so about $8300 total. We are raising funds to pay for this part, I will personally thank everyone who donates on GoFundMe (now that I know how.) Before the side sill is finished, we are going to have supports fabricated to hold the roof in place which will allow disassembly of the body and original side sill. I have drawn up the stands and will have them built by welders. All in all this means we are going to start moving ahead on the restoration. Thank you, Everyone, for helping me achieve this amazing goal. I really do appreciate all of your help.

– Madison Kirkman


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